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Digital Buddy is an avenue of promotion for a product, brand, or service. It uses multiple forms of electronic media, including mobile instant messaging, SEO, podcasts, video marketing, social media, and email campaigns. The great thing about digital Buddy is that it's inherently measurable.


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Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website's technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.


pay-per-click is a type of internet marketing which involves advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Simply, you only pay for advertising if your ad is actually clicked on.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company's products and services.

Marketing Automation 

uses software to automate monotonous marketing work. Marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and even ad campaigns - not just for the sake of efficiency, but also to provide a more personalized experience for their customers.

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Digital Buddy marketing agency reaches customers online through omnichannel marketing, multichannel marketing, or single-channel marketing. With multichannel and single-channel marketing, agencies interact with customers in one or multiple channels such as websites, blogs, email, social media, and more.

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